Фестиваль современной фотографии OFF Bratislava открыл прием заявок на участие

After a short break, we are happy to announce the new open call for the upcoming year of the festival of contemporary photography OFF Bratislava, including the OFF Academy and OFF Satellite sections.

The twelfth year under the title FAMILY PORTRAIT deals with family in a literal or a transferred sense. Clan, tribe, network or family: how do we, by means of art, define a group that dreams, laughs, learns and prays together, or whose members support each other…? Why is it such an important theme for us nowadays, though we cannot find a common consensus? Family as a nonconforming coexistence, a value amid uncertainty, or a support in happiness and during tragedy: this comprises the central festival theme this year.

Individual photographers, photographic groups and associations, clubs and schools, curators and tutors, you are welcome to submit your projects referring to the abovementioned theme via the ONLINE APPLICATION by 31 May 2021.