Photography Contest THE FACE


Competition Photovisa-2012 on «Face» has 578 entries from artists from 51 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Italy, Spain, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Bangladesh, France, and many others. Was filed more than 5,500 photographs.

The Face/Image Category

1st Prize
Anastasia Taylakova (Russia, St. Petersburg)
Break the Fragile

2nd Prize
Jen Osborne (Germany, Berlin)
Wig Outs
While living in Vancouver Jennifer Osborne resided in the demonized area known as the Downtown Eastside (DTES). There she met some of these drug-addicted subjects through work, at bars or in the street in front of her apartment. These particular women impressed her on various levels. They are very complicated, and have been through tremendously damaging experiences. Despite their difficult pasts, they are funny, humorous and loving people whom are much more vulnerable than she first expected. The discovery of their fragility lead her to wonder how they physically present themselves to the world in order to feel safer or get what they need to survive. In photographing these women, both before and after they dress for the day, Jennifer communicates the idea of vulnerability and women’s presentation of one’s self to the world.

3d Prize
Michael Domozhilov (Russia, St. Petersburg)
No title

Works of the following authors have been selected by the Festival’s jury

Alexander Veledimovich (Belarus, Vitebsk)
Zhenya (Portrait with a Bouquet)
Katya (Portrait with a Comb)

Tatiana Antoniuk (Russia, Krasnoyarsk)
Full Blood
We are similar to those who brought us up and not only outwardly. We have the same habits, inclinations and drawbacks. We often do everything in our power to dissociate ourselves from this likeness. I have the same situation. I have been brought up by my mother, father and grandmother. These people are my nearest and dearest. But I was always not very happy with their world outlook and lifestyle. I try to struggle against them but indeed I struggle against myself and always lose, because the struggle against the nature is doomed to a failure. I think I am not the only one. I consciously search for such people who wrestle with themselves in the person of their kindred…

Mikhail Malyshev (Russia, Rostov-on-Don)
The Others
They are often referred to as freaks, they are considered to be aliens. What is the attitude of the society  to those who drop out of the common range?

Alena  Zhandarova (Russia, Ivanovo)
The City of Brides
I love my city. Everything is very simple here. Everybody is very different here. Happy and miserable. Like in any other city. Ivanovo. It is the city of brides.

Edu Monteiro  (Brazil, Rio de Janeiro)
Under the Mirror
«the face is an endless sky». Under the mirror is an allegorical role play of an urban and melancholic being, who searches in nature, in his childhood landscapes, for a place of encounter with himself.

Kristof Vadino (Belgium, Brussels)
Mekong River
The «Mekong River» project investigates the poetical cord between the Mekong River and the people on its shores. The author searches for this cord in the gaze of the local population whose culture is neatly tied to the Mekong. 

The Face/Society Category

1st Prize
Bill McCullough (USA, Austin)
Technicolor Life
This series of photographs were taken without posing or construction in private, social situations. The social situations in this series may seem familiar, or they may seem mysterious. I am interested in taking a photograph that is not easily understood. The face provides key clues, the spark, and the fuel to propel the viewer's imagination.

2nd Prize
Jana Romanova (Russia, St. Petersburg)
Citizens of my country
About 50 000 people came to the Bolotnaya square in Moscow on 10 of December 2011 to protest against violations at the parliamentary elections in Russia, and, according to the statistics, even twice more came to the Sakharova prospect on 24 of December, two weeks later. Most of them had never been interested in politics and came to a protest meeting for the first time in their life, after reading about it in social networks. These rallies are the biggest in Russian Federation since 1991, when the Soviet Union broke down. They became a symbol of civil political activity waking up in Russian Federation.

3d Prize
Luca Catalano Gonzaga (Italy, Rome)
The new Society called eco-refugees
Global warming, increase in drought and the subsequent desertification represent decisive factors for the migration of millions of eco-refugees all over the world.
A thousand of escaping Somalis, every morning, queue in front of the UNHCR Registration site of Dadaab, in Kenya. Dadaab camp, the largest refugee camp in the world.


Works of the following authors have been selected by the Festival’s jury

Enrico Fabian (Germany, Kamenz)
Death for 50 Rupees
While worldwide the numbers of heroin users is constantly increasing, another even much more disturbing form of drug abuse is growing steadily yet largely unrecognized. Pharmaceuticals, especially opium derivatives, meant for a totally different clientele are on their rise to dominate the drug market in 3rd world- and threshold countries. Since almost two years I document the reasons and consequences of pharmaceutical abuse in India, with a special focus on an area in the outskirts of New Delhi.

Alexander Veledimovich (Belarus, Vitebsk)
Portrait with History
Selected  stories of ordinary people. Minor events that changed something in their lives. A man told a story, I took a picture. So there is another story that is changing something in me.

Andrey Pronin (Russia, Murmansk)
Invisible Children
The special corrective boarding school N1 in Murmansk  is for children aged from 6 to 18 suffering from severe diseases of nervous system and musculoskeletal system. Most of them confined to wheelchairs. Experts believe that the half-hour game with dogs twice a week gives children a strong impulse in their development of social behavior and  has a beneficial effect on the mental state. A group of famous Murmansk cynologists  stared their activity a few years ago.

Kai Löffelbein (Germany, Hannover)
Kids of Sodom - E-Waste in Ghana
We are used to collecting waste paper, bottles etc. and bringing old or broken electrical appliances to recycling depots or back to the producer. By doing this we feel that we are managing our resources sensibly. (Although it might not really be very sensible to keep buying new things all the time.) But it is often unclear, despite legal bans, where our appliances really go. According to estimates by the UN, about 100,000 tons of e-waste,  is exported from Germany to Africa each year. «Sodom and Gomorrah» is what the locals call the toxic waste dump, Agbogbloshie, in Ghana’s capital, Accra. It’s where children and adolescents dismantle computers, mobile phones, TV sets and other devices and burn the electronics for any valuable metals. Noxious fumes fill the air; lead, cadmium, zinc, chrome, nickel and other chemical substances are emitted and damage the health of all who inhale them: headaches, dizziness, skin rashes and damage to the nervous system are the result. Not to mention the highly toxic residue that contaminates the soil. But in the end it is really all about the ‘polluter pays principle’. Those creating the problem are responsible for sustainable disposal practices. And that’s why it is our responsibility.

Winners works

Photoclip Nomination

In the category Multimedia Project (Photoclip), jury evaluated photo-based multimedia projects of up to 200 seconds running time.

The finalists in Photoclip Nomination

Artyushkin Yury (Russia, Novosibirsk), Novosibirsk Disguises
Bulygina Elena (Ukraine, Kiev), Barber Shop
Gulyay Bogdan (Ukraine, Chernigov), The Woman will Always Leave the Man
Danilova Asya (United States, New York), Memory Portrait
Laura Korobkova (Russia, Moscow), Faces for Fair Elections
Lyakhovich Alexander (Russia, St.-Petersburg), 25 years old
Melnikov Valery (Russia, Moscow), Rosh Hashanah 2011.The Jewish New Year
Navrotsky Alexander (Ukraine, Kiev), Identification
Pisarenko Vera (Russia, St.-Petersburg), The Aliens
Poteryaev Sergey (Russia, Yekaterinburg), 3 Distances
Rothe Renato (Portugal, Oporto), Babylone Archive
Sychuk Anastasia (Brest, Belarus), Life of a Belorussian Confined to a Wheelchair
Chukhutin Alexey (Russia, Moscow), Wilt

1st prize
Pisarenko Vera (Russia, St.-Petersburg), The Aliens

2nd prize
Danilova Asya (United States, New York), Memory Portrait

3d prize
Bulygina Elena (Ukraine, Kiev), Barber Shop

Nomination Exhibition Project

In the nomination Exhibition Project the jury considered models of solo (or group) exhibitions of photography. The projects should reflect the main theme of the contest and offer innovative vision of photographic exhibitions space.

5 projects were submitted. It was decided not to award prize in the nomination.

Works of the finalists and winners of the contest The FACE were published in the catalogue of the IV International Festival of Photography PHOTOVISA in Krasnodar.